Islands Of Technology

Beware of Islands of Technology​

Islands of Technology occur when devices are added into a organisation’s ICT landscape without fully understanding the impact on the existing technologies and how these devices will be managed, updated, secured and used. This is usually done with the best of intentions by well meaning individuals who want to contribute to the overall improvement of ICT within the school.

Often, the functionality or facilities that are identified as valuable on these new devices already exist on your current systems but have not been enabled or are simply not used for one reason or another.

These devices may create more harm than good by creating an island of technology which is managed by a single user outside of the existing ICT management structure, duplicating work and effort therefore increasing the dangers associated with cyber security and limiting the ability of ICT Management to investigate data breaches or security problems. A roadmap helps to stop these problems from occurring.

avoidING islands of technology

Here are examples of islands of technology that you need to watch out for!

WHat to do next?

If you discover that you have islands of technology existing within your organisation, it is crucial that you act promptly to avoid contributing to further technological waste.

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