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We have been a leading IT Support & Service Provider since 1996

At IT Systems, we take immense pride in the premium level quality of service we deliver to all our school and businesses across Ireland. IT Systems believe in making IT Simple, IT should never get in the way of you achieving your day-to-day goals. IT Systems are passionate about inclusive and impactful learning through the appropriate use of ICT. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, this means that you can trust us to get the job done to the highest standards and on time. 


At IT Systems, we believe in running a trustworthy practice and acting with strong ethics. Each member of our team wears the IT Systems logo with tremendous pride. It is our primary ethos to act in a transparent and trustworthy manner whether we are onsite at an organisation or collaborating as a team at the IT Systems HQ.


We understand the value of a diverse team and make a conscious effort to hire individuals of all experience levels, backgrounds and beliefs. At IT Systems, we believe that a team with diverse range of perspectives is more likely to push boundaries and inspire innovation. It is our upmost priority to keep a work environment where all staff have equal opportunities to grow and develop their passion in IT.


At IT Systems, we are fully committed to delivering top-notch customer service to all our customers across the educational and enterprise sectors. Our Sales team will take time out to talk to you personally. This is how we ensure that you get the best product for your needs.

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IT Systems is growing and so is our team! We understand that a valued team is a successful one. Through becoming a member of our team, you will become part of a dynamic workspace who appreciate ambition, dedication and hard work.

Company Culture at IT Systems

At IT Systems, we do things differently.

We believe that healthy and happy employees are more likely to feel motivated and engaged. Our offices are based in Killaloe Co. Clare which it makes it an incredibly central location for commuting.  

Maintaining an excellent communication between management and staff is a main priority here at IT Systems. We value employee input immensely and encourage our employees to share their own valuable knowledge and suggestions where possible.  

It is our companies’ ambition to continuously involve and empower each member of the IT Systems team; in our company mission to improve the quality of ICT within the Irish Education sector. As a commercial entity, we have worked hard to instil a collaborative culture of continuous improvement, where the achievements of our team members are recognised and dually rewarded. 

Our Area’s of Expertise

One-to-One Laptops for Students

We work with school all accross Ireland who are looking to become a 1:1 school. IT Systems provide high quality 1:1 devices, we also deliver the infrastructure needed to support these devices.

Interactive Board

IT Systems are delighted to be selected as CTOUCH’s official Irish & Northern Irish Partner.  CTOUCH are a market leading interactive displays manufacturer, focusing on large format touch displays and interactive touch solutions.

Secure Wi-Fi

The team at IT Systems team works with organisations to improve their overall internet connectivity. Our expertly trained team can transform a workspace through the implementation of secure Wi-Fi Networks.

Support Contracts with Reduced Hourly Rates

IT Systems provide organisations with support contracts with reduced hourly rates. Our team provide remote and on-site assistance to orgnisations across Ireland.

Microsoft 365 Configuration & Support

IT Systems are a Silver Partner of Microsoft. We have been working with Microsoft for over 20 years. We set up and configure devices and offer Microsoft training to our customers.

Classroom & Large Format Projectors

IT Systems are proud to be a partner of Epson. We have a team of fully trained engineers who can install a classroom or large projectors in a matter of hours.

Windows 10 Upgrades

At IT Systems, we strive to keep all the teachers within our schools fully up to date with the latest Windows Upgrades.

Centrally Managed Infrastructure & Wired Networks

We have a selection of Education specialists at IT Systems on hand for when organisations need that extra bit of support.

Going the extra mile for our team

Professional Development 

We believe that team members feel their most valuable when they are learning and upskilling. At IT Systems, we give our employees the freedom to learn, grow and evolve within their department. We offer employees the opportunity to upskill within their discipline and strongly encourage them to search for continuing education opportunities such as seminars, conferences and classes. 

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IT Systems is growing and so is our team! We understand that a valued team is a successful one. Through becoming a member of our team, you will become part of a dynamic workspace who appreciate ambition, dedication and hard work.