One-to-One Devices Devices and Learning

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At IT Systems, we are passionate about inclusive and impactful learning through the appropriate use of ICT. We believe that each student having their own device in a one-to-one environment will be the future of mainstream learning in Ireland. 

One-to-one learning refers to any educational environment in which each student has their own device.

A one-to-one programme enables students to learn in an engaging, accessible and consistent manner.

One-to-One Devices, the future of learning in Irish education. 

ICT is redefining all areas of modern life, from early education right through to employment. In the next decade, we will observe a dramatic shift from paper to screen. This is already visible through the number of electronic examinations and eBooks, which are now being gradually introduced into the curriculum. Through one-to-one learning, you are ensuring your students are provided with the greatest opportunity to grow, develop and blossom into successful young adults.  

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Making the sustainable choice

One-to-one devices are the future of mainstream learning. In the long term, these devices are a more sustainable and ethical choice for school leaders. With one-to-one devices, the need for purchasing ink, paper and other costly stationary is eradicated. Costs for parents may also be lowered through the buying of the digital copies of books, which can be updated regularly.

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Overview of one-to-one devices 

One-to-one devices can be an excellent addition to the modern education landscape. When undergoing a major change such as implementing a one-to-one device policy it is imperative that you have an overview of the big picture. We have prepared a list of advantages and disadvantages to give you just that!