IT Systems, CTOUCH’s Official Irish Partner

IT Systems are delighted to partner up with CTOUCH as their Irish Partner, this means that you can only get these wonderful products directly from us!

So, who are CTOUCH?

CTOUCH are an innovative and market leading interactive displays manufacturer, focusing on large format touch displays and interactive touch solutions. With over 10 years of experience and market knowledge in touchscreen innovation, they bring the power of touch in any classroom and working environment to enhance effective group collaboration. CTOUCH stimulate interactivity, productivity and engagement by unlocking the endless possibilities of the touchscreen–for inspiration, for knowledge sharing, for so many things! In every meeting room, classroom, wherever there is a moment to work and learn with others, CTOUCH is always there. Supporting people to their full potential.

Make your lessons
come alive!

No more dull, unproductive lessons! Meet the CTOUCH Riva, a super user-friendly touchscreen that brings the power of touch in any learning environment.

Easily share your content on the big screen, write the smartest ideas on the interactive whiteboard and inspire everyone in the room. Make your lessons come alive!

Achieve a killer workflow with CTOUCH by your side!


Global warming is a fact and there’s no time to waste. So, CTOUCH are on a mission to be the most sustainable touchscreen manufacturer in Europe. CTOUCH go the extra eco mile by lowering our CO2 footprint by 60% and increasing the circularity of their products by 25% in 2025.


We offer products with a lower ecological footprint. A modular design and smarter ways of transportation lead the way.


We use better materials, reduce material usage and increase recyclability and re-use of materials.


We create a next life for our products. Used products are returned and refurbished for a second market.


We develop energy-efficient touchscreens, offer cheaper service due to easy reparability and a longer service life.

Who’s your perfect match?



CTOUCH, secure by design.

What does security have to do with touchscreens, you ask?

CTOUCH take security very seriously. From company data to personal privacy. For IT administrators to service personnel. A stable security baseline is the backbone of a healthy and successful organization. And that’s the reason why we go to extreme lengths to develop secure-by-design solutions and services.

Security by Design

With our security projects, we guarantee our products to be secure-by-design.

Security Verification

Tested by Grant Thornton, our touchscreens are verified for security.

Sharing Expertise

Via security whitepapers and blogs, we help our users and community to stay sharp.