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CTOUCH are an innovative and market leading interactive displays manufacturer, focusing on large format touch displays and interactive touch solutions. CTOUCH have an interactive board for everyone! Whether you are searching for classroom or boardroom, CTOUCH have the perfect solution.

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The right fit for any classroom.

The CTOUCH Riva 2 is available in two models: the Riva R2 and the Riva D2. The CTOUCH Riva R2 is a state-of-the-art education technology solution, the perfect companion to the most modern of classrooms. The CTOUCH Riva D2 is the best choice for schools looking for a cost-effective teaching tool.


The easiest-to-use solution for SME & higher education.

Using a touchscreen too complicated? Not anymore! Meet CTOUCH Neo, the easiest-to-use touchscreen ever. Walk up to the screen, pick one of four options and kick off your session with just one touch. It’s really that easy!


The safest solution for large corporations.

The Canvas is the pinnacle of all-in-one collaboration touchscreens. Bring your own device and collaborate with your hybrid team in the most secure digital environment. Meet your colleagues from every corner of the globe with Canvas’ advanced video conferencing technology.


CTOUCH are the most sustainable touchscreen manufacturer in the world. 
By achieving our sustainability goals, we make a positive impact. We take our responsibility by providing insight into
our sustainability program and its results.

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  • CTOUCH Riva 2 (Education)

  • CTOUCH NEO (Third Level Education)

  • CTOUCH Canvas (Corporate)

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CTOUCH for Education

The right fit for your classroom

Did you know that students remember only 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear, but 90% of what they do? 
With a CTOUCH interactive board, students can brainstorm, present, demonstrate and experiment together. The interactive whiteboards from CTOUCH enable you as a teacher to make lessons more fun, playful and interactive.


Turn learning into fun.

Teachers can create exciting, interactive learning experiences with our intuitive touchscreens. Use our interactive displays with your teaching software of choice, let your students share their device, write down the smartest ideas and inspire everyone in the classroom.

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Our Team Favourite!

The CTOUCH Riva D2 is the answer for primary and secondary schools looking for a cost-effective, future proof teaching solution. Offering a great writing experience, crisp sound and the power to run all teaching tools. CTOUCH Riva D2 is made to enrich classes. It is a completely open platform, so no matter the preferred teaching software – D2 can handle it. Equipped with the latest technology and an accurate writing experience, this
touchscreen will lift any class to a higher level.

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Make your touchscreen last a lifetime.

The Heartbeat programme is developed to keep you and your devices secure and operational.
Not for 2 years, but for the entire lifetime of your touchscreen. Heartbeat consists of 5 pillars,
all designed to make your touchscreen usage smooth and enjoyable.


True interactive collaboration.

Amaze your colleagues with your interactive presentation. Easily share your device, annotate on screen, use the whiteboard, forward your notes and plan your next meeting. Straight from the touch screen.