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Devices for Teachers

Devices for Teachers

Empowering Irish Schools

For over 26 years, our team have been working with Irish schools to hand pick the right devices for their school’s individual needs. Our team carefully researches devices for teachers designed to enhance effective teaching. We understand that teachers need ample storage and processing power to efficiently prepare, teach, and assess student work.

Discover Cutting-Edge Teacher Tech

Our teacher laptops are tailored to enhance effective teaching through digital tools, fostering students’ digital skills. Additionally, teachers need ample storage and processing power to efficiently prepare, teach, and assess student work.

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Choosing Devices for Teachers

Operating System

An operating system (OS) is the core software that keeps everything together on a device. Choosing the right operating system for teachers involves carefully considering their specific needs and the learning environment.

Device Form Factor

Form factor in the context of technology refers to the physical size, shape, and layout of a hardware device or component. Form factor plays a crucial role in ensuring compatibility, efficient design, and seamless integration of hardware components.

Battery Life

A reliable battery empowers teachers, allowing them to focus on what matters most: educating students. Teachers rely on devices for lesson delivery, communication, and administrative tasks. A dead battery disrupts teaching flow and can lead to missed opportunities.

Portable, flexible and seamless

Empowering Irish Schools

Teacher devices should be portable, allowing educators to carry out necessary functions both inside and outside the school environment. This flexibility ensures seamless teaching regardless of location.

Support blended learning approaches

Blended Learning

Devices should have the capability to support blended learning approaches. Whether in-person or online, teachers need tools that enhance their ability to engage students effectively.

Selecting Devices for Teachers

Device Durability

Durability in technology refers to the ability of a product, component, or system to withstand wear, pressure, or damage over time. It’s a critical factor in determining the overall quality and lifespan of technology products. When a device is durable, it’s more reliable and likely to last longer1.

Processor speed

Processor speed refers to how quickly a computer can process data or instructions. It’s a critical factor in determining a system’s performance. It’s like the brain of your system, affecting overall functionality and longevity.

Storage Capacity

Storage capacity refers to the amount of data a computer system or device can hold. It’s like the available space in your digital backpack. When choosing a device, consider its storage capacity to ensure you have enough room for all your files and applications!

Seamless Communication

High-quality laptops withstand daily wear, accidental drops, and bumps, ensuring reliability throughout the academic year1. Making this investment empowers teachers to excel in their roles, enhance student engagement, and streamline administrative tasks.

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Tailored Tech for Effective Teaching

Enhancing Learning Experiences

Teacher devices should contribute to improving pupils’ learning experiences and outcomes. This includes features that facilitate interactive lessons, collaboration, and personalized instruction.

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