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School Wi-Fi

We specialise in Wi-Fi for schools

Get reliable and robust Wi-Fi for your School

At IT Systems, we specialise in creating reliable, robust and scalable Wi-Fi for schools. Our team will help your school plan, implement and maintain dependable connectivity for your entire school community. If you are looking for a trustworthy Wi-Fi provider, then you are in the right place.

Why Choose Us?

Proven Track Record

Our consistent and proven track record includes references from other schools, available upon request.

Long-Term Solutions

We implement fit-for-purpose Wi-Fi solutions that will stand the test of time.

Security Focused

Our security-conscious team follows best practices to safeguard your systems.

Collaborative Thinking

We work closely with your school community to achieve optimal results.

Expert Technical Support

We specialise in creating reliable, robust and scalable network solutions for schools.

Transparent Documentation

Expect clear and transparent documentation at every stage. 

Executing Wi-Fi for Schools

Looking at the Big Picture

The integration of devices in schools has transformed the Irish education landscape. Making a dependable and robust wireless network essential all that more essential. Whether it’s interactive whiteboards, tablets, or online learning platforms, a reliable Wi-Fi infrastructure ensures seamless connectivity for your entire school community.

Is your school introducing new classroom devices?

Is your school adopting new classroom devices or expanding existing technology? Prioritize planning and implementing a future-friendly wireless network.

Dependable Wi-Fi for Schools

We implement stable Wi-Fi for Schools

Our team of experts will thoroughly investigate your school wi-fi, IT equipment as well as any other possible causes such as school broadband connection.

What to expect?

Broadband Provision

We will research the quality and capacity of your internet connection.

Network Configuration

Our team will evaluate the overall setup and configuration of your network in line with your schools goals.

Access Point Placement

Engineers will examine how wireless access points connect to the broadband router.

Access Point Specification

Assess the type and quantity of wireless access points used in the school.

School Device Load

Consider the number of devices simultaneously connecting to the Wi-Fi network.

School Device Usage

Understand how devices are used (e.g., file handling, video streaming).

Is your schools Wi-Fi in need of an upgrade?

Is your school Wi-Fi system is more than 10 years old? Has you seen an increase in devices and demand? It could be time to upgrade or possibly replace your Wi-Fi network.

We ensures swift communication for school leaders

Structured Communication and Collaboration

Strong School Wi-Fi supports data-driven decision-making by optimizing resource allocation and collecting student attendance, performance, and behavior data. Reliable school Wi-Fi connectivity further enhances communication through regular updates via school websites, newsletters, and social media, strengthening parent-school relationships. In emergencies, Wi-Fi ensures swift communication with staff, students, and emergency services.

Common Wi-Fi problems that we fix

School Wi-Fi consistently dropping off

Is your school facing ad-hoc or intermittent connectivity drops due to Wi-Fi?

Cannot support multiple school devices

Does your school’s Wi-Fi struggle to support multiple devices like tablets, laptops, Chromebooks, or mobile phones?

Severe variations in Wi-Fi performance

Have you noticed variations in Wi-Fi performance across different areas of the school?

Enable 1:1 learning with steady Wi-Fi for Schools

Enhanced Teaching Techniques

Enjoy easy access to lesson plans, teaching materials, and teaching resources. Integrate educational videos, simulations, and virtual reality experiences to enhance understanding and engagement. Enable 1:1 learning with devices like laptops and tablets.

We are big on Security.

We ensure that your school community is protected from external threats and inappropriate content through the use of robust multi-tiered filtering systems.

Research, collaborate, and engage with reliable Wi-Fi for Schools

Improved Learning Experience for Students

Enjoy reliable access to educational resources, online libraries, and interactive learning platforms. Enabling students to research, collaborate, and engage using filtered, age-appropriate content.

Factors to Consider


The geographical location of a school plays a crucial role in designing and implementing a wireless network.

Building size and shape 

The physical layout of the school building(s) affects network planning.

Number of students and staff 

The user population directly influences network capacity and performance.

Number of devices 

Beyond users, we need to consider the amount of existing and forecasted devices that need to be able to connect to the network

Streamlines administrative tasks

Increased Administrative Efficiency

Strong Wi-Fi streamlines administrative tasks such as such as attendance tracking, communication with parents, and managing resources.

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