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Epson Projectors for Education

Bright, efficient projector solution for classrooms

Discover Epson projectors for education

Epson projectors displays offer a bright, efficient solution for classrooms. They provide an immersive experience and promote engaging educational environments with positive learning outcomes.

Why choose Epson projectors for classroom?

Large Display Size

Epson laser displays offer a maximum display size of up to 160 inches, which is over four times larger than a 75-inch flat panel..

Laser Technology

Epson projectors utilize lamp-free laser technology, ensuring extended performance of up to 30,000 hours with minimal maintenance.

Seamless Integration

Epson projectors are compatible with various operating systems, ensuring their longevity beyond any specific OS.

Discover the Epson projector distance calculator

Test out your chosen Projectors in a simulated environment.

Epson projector tech support

We supply, service and install Epson projectors

Proper installation is crucial for optimal projector performance. We ensure that the projector is securely mounted or positioned in a way that provides a clear and unobstructed view for the audience. Our team will take time to consider factors such as screen placement, projection distance and alignment to achieve the desired display size and image quality.

By following best practices during installation and providing ongoing support, we can ensure a positive experience for users in educational settings.

Why Choose Epson Laser Projectors?

Breakthrough laser technology

Long-life laser light engine provides a 20,000-hour virtually maintenance-free light source.

Laser Technology

Advanced technology consistently delivers true-to-life color and amazing brightness you can count on for an array of applications.

Instant Off®/On

Displays and projectors reach maximum brightness and turn on or off almost immediately without having to warm up or cool down.

Discover the Epson EB-760W laser projector

Allowing presenters to interact freely without any distractions from shadows or reflections.

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