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Digital Signage for Schools

What is digital signage?

Digital Signage for Schools

Education digital signage is a form of electronic display that shows videos, images, text and web content in public. Digital signage enhances learning, engagement, and communication within schools, creating dynamic and interactive educational environments.

Communicate quickly and efficiently with the entire school community with our digital signage solutions.

Why Choose Us?

Scheduling Backend

Our system provides robust scheduling capabilities, allowing efficient content management and display sequencing.


Whether you need a single display or an extensive network, we can seamlessly adapt to any scale.

Professional Installation

Our team ensures proper installation, optimizing display quality and functionality.

End User Training

We offer comprehensive training to end users, empowering them to utilise the system effectively.

Reference Sites

Our successful implementations across the country serve as a testament to our expertise and reliability.

Clean, clear and instant updates 

Keep students safe

Use your digital signage to share instant emergency alerts. Display emergency announcements such as a fire alarm, a news flash or a sudden cancellation.

Rolling into learning, we supply laptop and trolley bundles for schools.

Make it easy to move devices between classrooms or store them when not in use.

An instant connection

Connect with your school community instantly

Update students, faculty and parents about important news. Promote clubs, sports, plays & student support services. Content on the screen can take many forms due to the powerful signage software: text, live video, pictures, flash and RSS feeds.

Advantages of Digital Signage

Cost Savings

Digital signage reduces printing costs associated with traditional bulletin boards and paper notices.

Improved Communication

Real-time updates on events, schedules, and announcements keep your entire school community informed.

Student Engagement

Dynamic content, videos, and interactive features capture students’ attention and enhance learning experiences

Save Paper. Save Money.

Sustainability in schools

Embracing digital education signage reduces the reliance on printed materials, contributing to environmental sustainability while removing unnecessary overhead costs.  

Multi-year finance and planning.

Flexible finance options available.

Customisable digital signage for schools

Manage your Digital Signage from your office!

Customisable digital signage solutions that reflect your school’s unique spirit, branding, and academic goals. Utilise free and user-friendly stock images, videos, custom campus news tickers, screen layout templates, and interactive content.

Our digital signage solution is fully compatible with Canva for Education.

Get the most out of your Digital Signage

Digital Notice Boards

Digital screens can display daily announcements, ensuring students and staff stay informed about events, news, and important updates.

Reception Displays

Impress prospective students, parents, and visitors by demonstrating your school’s adoption of technology.

Staff Room Schedules

Schools use digital signage to showcase event calendars, exam schedules, and extracurricular activities. It helps everyone plan their days effectively.


Digital signs guide students, visitors, and staff around the campus. They provide maps, directions, and information about facilities.

Menu Boards

Digital menu boards provide real-time updates on meal options, special offerings, and nutritional information. Nutritional facts can also be displayed to help students make informed choices.

Boosting School Spirit

Display achievements, student spotlights, and positive messages foster a sense of pride and community within the school.

Dynamic digital content into your school

Make the move to Digital Signage

Interested in procuring digital Signage for your school? Reach out to our team on 061 375 140 or simply fill in the form below. We’ll provide a tailored solution that meets your needs. 

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