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OneDrive How to Guide

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Understanding OneDrive with IT Systems

OneDrive is a cloud service provided by Microsoft that can instantly connect you to all your files. It allows you to access files on the go, collaborate with your team as well as protecting all your documents and data. OneDrive now has a mobile app making it even easier to create, view, edit and share on the go. Depending on your organisation OneDrive can often be referred to as “OneDrive for work or school” or “OneDrive for Business”.

Info you need to know

OneDrive Top Features 

  • Connecting files to conversations – Collaborate seamlessly by sharing files in Teams.
  • Auditing and reporting – Track user and admin activities to mitigate risks and fulfil compliance. 
  • Real-time collaboration – Co-author

1. Access Files Anywhere 

OneDrive allows you to access your files from any device via a web browser or app. It keeps tracks of your personal files and the files shared with you through apps such as Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. Features such as the Microsoft graph allow you to quickly find recently opened recent files, shared documents as well as recommended files based on your working relationships with others. Microsoft’s personalized recommendations feature is unique to OneDrive and Microsoft 365. 

2. Maximize Collaboration with OneDrive 

OneDrive allows you to share files with those both inside and outside your organisation. This can be done across the web, desktop, mobile, and directly in the Office apps. OneDrive even goes that one step further, as it even allows you to securely share files with people who do not have Microsoft account. All they need to do is complete a quick email verification to prove their identity. OneDrive is a breath of modern fresh air; it enables you to send files via Outlook with attachments that include links to files rather than static copies.

3. Stay connected with the App 

Constantly working on the go? Then you need to download the OneDrive mobile app. Whether you are using iOS or Android device, you can access your content from virtually anywhere. This app makes it easier for you to create, view, edit, and share files on the go. Additional features include whiteboards, scan documents for safe keeping, and annotate PDF’s.  

4. Secure your Documents & Data

OneDrive enables you to protect your company data with advanced encryption, compliance, and other enterprise-grade security features. It allows you to transfer your files to OneDrive with the push of a button with Known Folder Move. Should you lose your device or are subject to a cyberattack, OneDrive allows you to recover your files and minimize any loss of work. 

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