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A 1:1 learning program is an opportunity to transform education in your school. It enables you develop future-ready skills in students and introduces flexible and hybrid learning models. If implemented correctly, 1:1 devices can increase efficiency in students and offer time-saving convenience for teachers.

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Where could IT Systems support you?

Better Work Life Balance

Easy-to-learn apps can be utilized for teachers to save time on administrative duties. Which can help teachers to achieve a better work life balance.

Assign work & Track Learner’s Progress

1:1 devices can be used to assign work and track learner’s progress. It provides teachers with a distinct indicator of when a student may need some extra support within a particular area. 

Innovative Teaching with 1:1

1:1 technology enables teachers to use multimedia to incorporate current affairs and life skills to link in-class learning to everyday life

Are you a Microsoft school?

Discover 1:1 Learning with Microsoft

Are you thinking of becoming a 1:1 school? IT Systems provide secure and reliable connectivity that schools can rely upon. We truly understand what our academic customers need and the challenges they face. We have a team of IT, network and support specialists all dedicated to the education sector.

Surface Laptop and Homework
Homework on Surface Laptop.

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1:1 Learning with Acer

Are you on the hunt for a reliable 1:1 device? Acer specialise in lightweight, long-lasting laptops that are built to flexibly adapt to and excel in new hybrid work and learning styles. All you have to do is tell us what matter most to you and our expert Sales team will do the rest!

Homework on Surface Laptop.

How does one-to-one technology benefit students?

Student Focused Learning with 1:1

Students can be provided with access to all the resources they need. This means they can easily organise their work and study at their own pace. 

Future Proofing Students with 1:1

One-to-one learning prepares students for the modern employment landscape and equips them with future-ready skills such as creative problem-solving, collaboration and coding.  

Supportive Leaching with 1:1

When a one-to-one programme is combined with the right cloud-based learning platform it enables students to access their work from anywhere.

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Why make the change to 1:1?

At IT Systems, we are passionate about inclusive and impactful learning through 1:1 technology. In the next decade, we will observe a dramatic shift from paper to screen. 1:1 learning requires new and carefully considered support, connectivity and training. IT Systems can help you transition smoothly to 1:1 in 2023.

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