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What’s New in Microsoft Teams for June

Microsoft Teams for Education

What’s new in Microsoft Teams for Education for June 2023

Are you a Microsoft school? If so, then you are going to want to read all about the latest updates for Microsoft Teams for June 2023.

One Connected Experience For Students in Microsoft Teams

Viva Connections for Education

Viva Connections for Education is now available to all customers as part of the Microsoft Teams for Education offering.
Teams for Education are also announcing Assignments and Courses Viva cards. This is a ground-breaking addition to the Viva Connections for Education platform. Thanks to the Assignments and Courses Viva card, students can easily view and access their course materials. They will also be able to view upcoming and overdue assignments, all from within their digital home.

Microsoft Team enthusiasts will be now able to create multiple distinct home experiences within the same tenant. Which will allow for schools to create home experiences for different users, each with its own dashboard, feed, and resources. Essentially, your school will now be able to create one experience for students, one for educators, one for staff, etc.

Assignment Marking Updates in Microsoft Teams

New updates to Assignments and Grades

Microsoft have now added a new tab to the assignments interface called “Ready to Grade”. This tab will let educators to view all assignments that have submissions. The list will only show assignments where students have submitted work that has not been graded. Microsoft have also updated the past due list to only show assignments that are past their due dates. The assignments card will also now provide more information at glance, so you know how many assignments are ready to be graded and which students have not submitted their work.

But that is not all, the lovely people at Teams have now added support for you to see your Shared Quiz and any Forms Collection you have done, directly inside Assignments. Teams have also now added the ability to configure Timed Quizzes directly inside the Assignments Create Flow. Making the process for educators setting up Quiz Assignments, all that easier.

The “New” Microsoft Teams for Education

The New Microsoft Teams

You asked and Microsoft delivered. If you have been effected by the overall performance and stability of the platform, then this one is for you. Microsoft is excited to announce that the Teams app is being re-designed with a performance-driven focus and will be launching as the next evolution of Microsoft Teams – New Teams.
New Teams will be 2x faster, handle multiple accounts and multiple tenants (MTMA) more seamlessly and will be more reliable.

All features in the current version of Teams will be available in New Teams in different phases.
So, be sure to keep an eye out for those subtle changes.

Time to Reflect with Microsoft Teams for Education

How are you feeling today?

Time to build an emotion board with a ready-to-use kit, The emotion board is a physical board that adapts Reflect for classrooms with young students or classes without many devices. It is perfect tool for primary school students to share how they feel by placing their card in the category they relate to. When students are done, you can capture their responses using the Reflect app on their mobile device to collect responses. Educators will be able track wellbeing mood over time, and gain insights.

Updates to Whiteboard in Microsoft Teams for Education

Commenting, Ink Options, Teams Personal App
& More

Embrace your inner creative with the new Microsoft Whiteboard app in Teams. Create, collaborate and share within Teams. If you like being organised, you are going to love Microsoft Whiteboard. Educators will be able to easily access all their whiteboards in one single place inside Teams and will even have the option to pre-prep a board for their classroom meeting. Other fantastic features will include an ink colour picker, opacity slider and content duplication.

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