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€79 million in ICT Grant funding released for Education

ICT Grant Funding for Education

Minister for Education announces €79 million in ICT grant funding for primary, post-primary and special schools

On the 1st of April, Minister for Education Norma Foley TD announced €79 million in ICT Grant funding for primary, post-primary and special schools.

Wondering when the ICT grant payment date is? Grants are set to issue automatically to all schools in April. 
So,no need to worry about IT grant eligibility or grant applications.

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Number Crunching Time ICT Grant

ICT Grant 2024 Overview

The ICT Grant is split into two lots, the first €50 million in grant funding is for Information and Communications Technology. This funding is set to land with all recognised primary and post-primary schools shortly. The remaining €29 million in minor works funding is being provided to primary and special schools.

The circular outlining the criteria applying to the Digital Strategy ICT Infrastructure Grant Scheme will be published soon by the Department of Education.

Primary & Special Education 

  • €2,000 basic grant for primary schools with an additional payment of €39 per mainstream pupil. 

  • €43 per pupil in DEIS schools  

  • €47 per pupil with special needs attending a special school or attending a special class attached to a mainstream primary school.  

Post-Primary Education 

  • €2,000 basic grant plus €47 per mainstream student 

  • €52 per student in DEIS schools.  

Fee Charging Schools

  • Fee-charging schools receive funding at a rate of 50 per cent rate. €1,000 lump sum and €23 per capita. 

Flexible Finance for Education Customers

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Minor Works ICT Grant Fine Print

Limitations of Minor Works Grant

Arrangements are now being made for the payment of €29 million in Minor Works grants to primary schools and special schools for the forthcoming 2024/25 school year. 

What IT can the minor works grant be spent on? 

  • Computers 

  • Printers 

  • Overhead projectors  

  • Photocopiers  

The lead-in period ahead of the new school year will give schools time to consider plans and priorities for use of the school funding.  

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The Nitty Gritty of ICT Grant Spending

Allocating Your Grant Money Wisely

ICT grant purchases should be aligned to the identified aims and objectives of the school’s Digital Learning Plan and findings of a Digital Technology Infrastructure (DTI) Audit. Your schools ICT grant can be invested in a range of technology which for accounting purposes will need to be classified as either capital or non-capital items.

 Capital Items  

  • Enhanced broadband and internet connectivity  

  • Interactive screens 

  • Desktop 

  • Laptops 

  • Tablets 

  • Hybrid devices  

  • Projectors 

Non-Capital Items  

  • Cloud based tools and software applications to support learning.  

  • Learning platforms i.e. Google Workspace, Microsoft 365. 

Our final thoughts ICT Grant Spending

Advice to take away

Our biggest nugget of wisdom is to take your time. Do not rush into purchasing cheap devices as it could prove much more costly in the long term. We recommend that you get your DTI audit organised to provide structure to your purchasing decisions.

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